Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Post Your Message of Recovery and Hope

Dear Friends--

I came up with the idea of taking the new I Chose To Live Recovery T-Shirts and allowing people to sign it with message of hope when I travel to speaking and awareness events. My goal is to fill one shirt and then move onto the next one. These shirts will be posted to the new I Chose To Live website coming soon.

Please post your (short) message and your name. I will then post the message to the shirt and take it with me when I travel..

If you don't want to use you name, initials are just fine.

Post here or on the facebook fan page.!/topic.php?uid=128634537023&topic=12773

Please spread the word and the message of hope and recovery!!

Thank You,

Patrick Bergstrom
I Chose To Live


hiimmichelley said...

Life is not worth losing to an ED, but recovery is the answer! Recovery is the path to the fulfillment of life!
-Michelle Casey

I Chose To Live Free From ED said...

Thank you Michelle. We will add this to the shirt and it will be posted to the new ICTL website soon!

Live Strong,

khowlett said...

There will be bumps in the road, I can guarantee it. But no one ever died from feeling. In fact, it will only make you STRONGER!

Life is amazing. Open your eyes and take a look!

--Kat Howlett

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

for the shirt:

The heart of eating disorders is silence. Break the silence. Recovery is possible.
-Arielle Bair :)

It's great work you are doing. I am in the same boat. Just happened upon your blog. It's a good resource and I love the bracelets on your main site.