Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"We Chose To Live" ANAD Support Group

ANAD Western Maryland Eating Disorder Support Group--

"We Chose To Live" is an open support group for those struggling with eating disorders and for there friends and family. The group is based off of the experiences of those whom have been through treatment and understand that there is great strength in numbers. Patrick, the group leader went to treatment at Canopy Cove, and there are others who have been to centers such as Remuda Ranch, Renfrew, and Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Join us in the fight for recovery and to experience the joy of life free from eating disorders. We did not choose this fate, but you can choose to recover. Recovery is a process, but it is very possible.

Together we can recover life.

Support Group
Every Tuesday 7pm-9m
Located at Transitions LLC
20 N Broadway St
Hagerstown, MD
Contact: Patrick

For Love, Life, and Liberty from ED!
Choose to Live!