Monday, February 9, 2009

Eating Disorder Awareness Campaign 2009

I Chose To Live
“Voice the Choice-Recovery is Possible”
Eating Disorder Awareness Campaign

February 2009:

· Feb 16th-- University Of Maryland College Park

Georgia Trip: “Love Your Body” month sponsored by the EDIN.

· Feb 22nd-- Merrick’s Walk and Panel on Athletes and ED

· Feb 23rd -- Georgia State and Georgia Tech

· Feb 24th-- Georgia Private High School

Texas Trip:

· Feb 25th-- Lubbock Christian University

· March 7th—International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals- Southern California. (Panel)


Wesley College (TBA)
Miami University(TBA)

I Chose To Live Eating Disorder Awareness Bracelets

"I Chose To Live" bracelets are now available!Many people struggling with an Eating Disorder have asked me this one question. “How do you control the E.D. urges when you’re alone and most vulnerable?” At first, I had no response but after thinking about it, I realized that I am never truly alone. I walk with my teammates in all I do. This band will be symbol of life and hope and a reminder that we are never alone in this fight. There is great strength in numbers. Be strong and believe!

Many have also asked for an "I Chose To Live" symbol and this will be my may to show the world I am different...I love who I am and I will fight for eating disorder awareness and prevention. I hope others will join me in making this statement. Be proud of who you are, and be a leader. All I ask is if you wear these simple bracelet, please offer your hand to another friend or stranger still suffering. Be a hero; make the right choice. BE YOU!

We live in a world today where to many people just go with the flow... Recovery is a choice, life is a gift, and being a leader can change the world. One person can make a difference, you can make a difference. One will turn into many! "I Chose To Live" is a stand to change your life and to help others recovery the life they deserve.

It doesn't matter what your battle can overcome it... For me, its was anorexia nervosa, and I Chose To Live.... God Bless!The bracelets are now online @ (white band/purple letters) For Love, Life, and Liberty! Get it Done.

Patrick Bergstrom
Founder- I Chose To Live, LLC