Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Manna Scholarship Fund

In response to the email below- I Chose To Live, LLC is donating 100% of all the bracelet proceeds to the Manna Scholarship fund which helps those who can't afford eating disorder treatment. There are so many who need and deserve treatment. Please help me by purchasing even just one bracelet. The donations are being matched by a private sponsor if they meet the goal of $30,000. We can make a difference. Thank you so much, this means the world to me as I was able to afford treatment- which in turn changed my life. Lets take a stand and save a life!

You can purchase a bracelet at or make a donation to Manna at
Blessings and Hope,

Patrick Bergstrom

Email from Manna-

MSF is working on a project to help raise awareness, understanding, and funding for those who are seriously in need of intensive treatment for eating disorders. For example, an email we received today stated:

"I had a relapse this week and it only keeps getting worse. I am with high levels of potassium in my blood, my kidneys are working slow, my heart beat is really irregular... I am so tired that i can't even fix myself a sandwich at this point... But the worst pain is being alone... My dietitian, therapist and family doctor all have called me in today to tell me there has got to be a way for me to go in-patient... I have struggled with this for over 2 years and i have "pushed" as far as i could but now my heart is failing and i am so scared! I pray that someone will listen to me- to my cry for help...I don't want this disease to take all i have left away from me... So please, if there is any hope and way you could help me i cry for it in Jesus name... Is there any posibility for me to get some scholarship funds in this emergency??"

This is just one example of the desperation and dire need of indiviudals who need intensive treatment. We receive letters from men and women from all over the nation who are struggling with life-threatening eating disorders. Our current campaign is aimed at raising up to $30,000 so that we will receive a matching donation from a private donor. We need more funding to put individuals like this one in the hospital ASAP.

Please make your tax-deductible (at least for now!) donations at TODAY so that we can help people get the treatment they need!
Thank you for your support!Genie and the MSF Board of Directors.