Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Introduction <3

Hey all! I'm Jasmin and I just wanted to quickly introduce myself to you! I'm 22 years old and from New York. I have been in recovery from my eating disorder for almost two years now. Like Patrick I was also at Canopy Cove, we only missed each other by a few days. I work full time at an animal hospital and am currently taking classes to become a licensed veterinary technician. I am so incredibly grateful for the I Chose to Live movement and for everything that Patrick has done to spread eating disorder awareness. Its so refreshing to see someone so passionate about recovery and helping others.

I will be posting my story soon but for now I just wanted to say hello, introduce myself and let you know that I believe in you (yes you!) and that somebody loves you.

God Bless,

" Life has no Limitations, only Possibilities."


Lou Lou said...

Hi I'm Lou. Im 23 and have had ED for 4-5 years now. i just started bloggin a few weeks ago and it has helped me so much in my path torecovery. i am into any kind of online support, and i also want to support others. this ED business is a tricky one. and the more we understand it the better.

I Chose To Live Free From ED said...

Hey Lou--

My name is Patrick, and thank you for replying to the post. I am so glad you are reaching out and seeking recovery. ED sure can be tricky but the best thing we can do is reach out, open up and seek support. For me, it's all about being apart of something and connecting with others in recovery. Keep fighting and please feel free to join us on the I Chose To Live page on Facebook, as it is full of wonderful people in recovery.

Rock On and Live Strong,


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