Monday, November 15, 2010

The I Chose To Live Blog is Back

Hey I Chose To Live Friends --

I know this blog has gone inactive for quite some time but my plan is to bring it back in full Swagger!! My life has been crazy and I have been on an amazing journey through recovery and I just feel led to really make this an active part of the I Chose To Live Recovery Movement!!  I took quite a few months off focusing on my personal recovery and just trying to figure out what God was calling me to do. I was in Green Bay, WI for awhile dating a nice girl and helping with a Church Plant but it just wasn't the place or right situation for me.  I learned so much up in Wisconsin and really had a chance to strengthen my recovery and my walk with Christ.  For so many years I was out searching for something and looking to find out who I really was. However, I have come to realize that one doesn't find out who they are but they create themselves. No longer am I chasing after what others want me to be!! Instead, I am living my life for God and using my recovery to reach out to help others.  So look for me to be rocking out on this blog with interesting posts and sharing my life with you in the hopes that it will help lead others into recovery!! With that said, I am back and here to stay!!!

Nothing can or will stop me from becoming the person God wants me to be!! Not an Eating Disorder, not alcohol, not anything the Devil can throw in my path. I am now rocking the full armor of Christ!!  My life right now is far from perfect and well its really not all that exciting but I am so cool with that. I am healthy, happy and alive!!  My fire has been set off and I am charging and taking back my life one day at a time!  One day at a time!!  So look out Eating Disorders because I am out to destroy you!! Stay tuned for some creative and exciting new posts coming soon!!

God Bless,



Anonymous said...

Patrick you are awesome:) the Lord has BIG plans for you... I pray that he continue to shine his light and amazing love through you...blessing the lives of those who hunger for salvation from the bondages of ED. You will never know what it is that you have done for me:) thank you...for making my heart smile again...<3


I Chose To Live Free From ED said...

Thanks Sleenkie --

That means so much to me and your words have touched my heart!! It's so great to see God doing amazing things in your life!! Keep that smile going and God is going to use you in a mighty way!!! Have a wonderful day....

God Bless,

Unknown said...

This is awesome! I will certainly be following! I love everything about "I chose to live" :)